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Imagine that you live in a world where anything is possible and nothing is against you. Everything that happens assists you in fulfilling your potential and there are no limits. Although things are important, nothing is serious. In this world, life is a series of games that you create and the only point of each game is for you to remember and embody who you are. There is nothing to learn because what you learned a moment ago is no longer useful. In fact, what you think you know is most often in your way of seeing the next moment clearly. So, you just keep opening, moving, watching and responding in each moment. Every time a thought comes in from the past, you watch it and don't attach to it so you can see clearly what is actually happening now. Rather than being a static object, finite and concrete, you are just a flow of energy. Doubt and anxiety melt away. Sound like fun? Perhaps a little looser and freer than how you are living now?

The only thing between you and this New World are the beliefs you have about what is possible. You have been given all kinds of faulty information and much of it has been accepted without question, examination or experimentation. This conditioning process has been so effective that you now create your reality based on these restrictive pieces of outside information and repetitive and fairly limited personal experiences.

Very few of the messages you have received are about awareness, aliveness, growth, excitement, creativity, freedom and experimentation. They are mostly about safety, security and comfort, belonging, not rocking the boat and not causing too much distress to people around you. As a result, the choices that you make are primarily directed towards keeping yourself safe and secure and not upsetting anyone else. You are not free.

Basically you live in a prison which was originally maintained externally, but once you are a young adult, you create that prison yourself, again and again, out of the belief that you know something about reality. There have been many good experiments about this.

A natural scientist put a pike fish in a large aquarium with a piece of plate glass in the middle of the container that the pike could not detect with his vision. Small fish that the pike would naturally feed upon were placed in the tank on the other side of the glass. The pike has a predatory lunging motion and for a few days he tried to strike at the prey he could see only to bump his head into the glass plate. After about two or three days, he gave up. Then they took the glass plate away, and he never ate any of those little fish. He had developed a belief about reality that didn't shift despite the new situation and new evidence.

A lot of the limitations that you have about yourself and what is possible are constructed in exactly the same way. Most of what you are limiting yourself with has nothing to do with what is actually going on right here and now. From the inside of your belief system, which we might lovingly and non-psychiatrically refer to as your neurotic character structure, all your energy goes to keeping the existing belief system together. It is who you think you are. You then create a reality outside of yourself that matches what you already believe. But, are you a pike or a person?

Getting outside of your existing box is what awareness is all about. You can do it anytime. Begin now.