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Being True - frequently asked questions

Can I come for part of a workshop?

You can’t learn to swim without getting your hair wet, you wouldn’t back out of a root canal part way through and you don’t get much out of personal awareness workshops when you dabble in them. Sammasati experiences can have a profound and lasting impact in your life but that doesn’t happen magically; it happens through your earnest participation. The encouragement to come to know the depth and breadth of yourself and others is rare, it’s essential, and the effects are cumulative. Everything we do together contributes to the wholesomeness and ripples out far beyond the weekend. Why not come for all of that?

Sometimes people have a genuine choice to make between a workshop with us and another life affirming possibility. If you find yourself in that position, and you want to talk it through, email sarah@sammasati.com or call Ashanti at 250.298.8270.

What is an appropriate donation?

We offer workshops by donation so anyone can join us without money being an impediment. There is no ‘normal’ or ‘reasonable’ amount to give. We hope people will take their financial position into consideration and contribute what feels appropriate to their individual circumstances bearing in mind that this is one of the ways we make our living. Don’t worry too much about the donation at this point. The important thing is your intention to participate. An amount will make itself apparent to you while you are in the group. We trust that……and are grateful for whatever we receive.

If we stop being grateful we’ll stop working by donation.

What are the workshop hours?

Being True at Earthspring in the Highlands of Victoria
Friday night 7:30-10*
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-1
*in the dark winter months there is no Friday night session instead, Sunday goes to 4 pm

Being True at Haven on Gabriola Island
Friday night 7:30-10
Saturday 10 am-noon; 3-6 pm; evening session 8 pm – 9:30 pm
Sunday 9-noon

What are the accommodation options?
At Earthspring in the Victoria Highlands**
Contact Evelyn at esamuel@pacificcoast.netor call (250) 478-6544 if you would like to stay onsite.

On Gabriola Island** For rooms at the Haven call 1.800.222.9211 or email info@Haven.ca

**Billeting can happen in some cases so let us know, as soon as possible, if you would like to pursue that option.

What about carpooling?
If you are interested in carpooling please let us know whether you need or can offer a ride so we can connect you up with others.