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Private Sessions in Rockglen, SK (also available by Skype or phone)

With Ashanti Fraser or Sarah Fleury

Ashanti Fraser, M.Ed., Dip. C., C.C.C. combines a strong traditional education in counselling psychology with a longstanding interest and training in Eastern and Western healing traditions and spiritual approaches. He has over thirty-five years of experience in working with people both individually and in groups.

*Experiences with Ashanti are uniquely powerful and essentially undefinable. They offer the possibility of using deep tissue body work, meditation, Attunement, EFT, hypnotherapy, feedback, personal encounter and numerous other liberating techniques.

*Specialized areas of focus include energy release work, support to connect with a deeper, more meaningful sense of self, creative lifestyle changes, increased awareness of limiting beliefs and the expansion of consciousness in everyday life.

*Free up life energy that may be blocked or inaccessible.

*Let go of fixed ideas about yourself and the universe and allow for a greater degree of openness and transparency of being.

*Bring balance and feel the limitless life and spirit in your being. Deepen your connection to your own essence and experience the state of freedom and truth that you can be living every moment.

Experiences with Ashanti can also include a process called Attunement: A Sacred Healing Art and/or Body-based Energy Release Work


Sarah Fleury BComm, DipC, EI Master, immersed herself in her education and development as a group facilitator and counsellor over twenty years ago following a very successful career as a Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur. She divides her time between writing, offering workshops and running Sammasati's Attunement Centre where she offers private sessions in a process called Attunement: A Sacred Healing Art