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The Sammasati Team

Sarah Fleury & Ashanti Fraser have diverse backgrounds in business, education and a wide variety of healing and spiritual traditions. We have been working with people in many ways for a combined total of 50 years.

Our lives are devoted to 'staying awake' in a world with many temptations to go to sleep. We offer our assistance and support to others who are also interested in being more alive, more aware and much more loving.

We are all dedicated to exploring any and all experiences that contribute to the fullest and truest expression of each individual. This enables us to be with people in very creative and exciting ways.

Using everything at our disposal, we focus on assisting people to live with greater freedom, creativity, joy and awareness. We are lovingly provocative and demonstrate the possibility of living from no fixed position.


Sarah Fleury BComm, DipC, EI Master, immersed herself in her education and development as a group facilitator and counsellor over twenty years ago following a very successful career as a Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur. She offers workshops and individual sessions delving into all aspects of the human experience including relationships, sexuality, money, food, health, creativity and spirituality. She is currently observing and experimenting with the interplay and interconnection between personal honesty and The Truth. Through her life and work Sarah shares her love of the Truth and encourages each individual to discover and embark upon a freer, truer and more joyous way of being.

Ashanti Fraser MEd, DipC, combines a strong traditional education in counselling psychology with a longstanding interest and training in Eastern and Western healing traditions and spiritual approaches.

He has maintained a very successful counselling practice for over 30 years as well as working with a wide variety of groups.

Specialized areas of focus include body release work, Attunement, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and hypnotherapy to support a deeper, more meaningful sense of self, creative lifestyle changes and the expansion of consciousness in everyday life.